Mystic Code Waist 2014

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Mystic Code Waist Harness

The Mystic Code 1 2014 harness brings us innovation and technology never seen in kitesurfing before! The BOA Support Control....

Mystics new anotomical back support is now fully adjustable to completely change the characteristics of the harness depending on your riding style of the day.
The Boa ratchet system uses clever gearing attached to supportive cables throughout the back and sides of the harness which are controlled by turning the knob to the rear.
Push in and turn clockwise to tighten, pull out and it loosens off once again. The system can completely change the harness from fully flexible for chilled freeride and wakestyle sessions
to a tight fitting highly supportive harness for powered kiteloop conditions........or anything in between! The beauty of the Boa system is the ease of use even whilst on the water.

The 2014 Mystic Code 1 is built on a similar outline and exterior construction to the Mystic Warrior offering unrivalled support and comfort.
With thermo molded interior and exterior foam offers a lighter and stronger approach without ever compromising durability.

Additional features:

BOA Back Support technology: The Boa System allows you to perfectly tune your fit and with the reliabilty of it staying tight throughout your time in your Code 1 harness.

Constructed from many interwoven, braided stainless steel laces, it has zero stretch so once you fine tune your fit, you can rely on the laces maintaining that specific closure.
The Boa reel cannot and will not loosen or come untied. Internal ratchet arms engage with specially shaped gear teeth designed to keep the lace in place.
No amount of force applied during your activity will overcome this mechanism, allowing you to set the lace tension and know the closure will stay exactly like you dialed it in.

The Boa reel is designed with a patented, field-proven mechanism to ensure that the reel stays closed during use. Only when you finish your kiting and actively pull out the dial, will the system release.
This provides the user with excellent reliability and security.

H-flex Force Frame: The H in this force frame is formed by 3 Fiberglass battens. 2 slightly angled vertical ones and 1 horizontal. The vertical battens ensure a perfect harness shape and thus good load distribution during hooked sessions.
When you pop unhooked tricks the vertical battens flex around the axis of the horizontal batten adding comfort.
The horizontal batten also keeps the backside of the harness stiff when there?s load on your handle pass leash. So when you crash you?ll be still in your harness rather then squeezed ?in between? your harness.
A thicker but more flexible plastic plate forms the base of the force frame. All together, freedom of movement, comfort and load distribution are set to a higher level.

Flex Edge: For the most comfortable and body hugging edge

System Down System: Locks the spreaderbar down, giving you more control when performing your manoeuvres while also protecting your chest in any uncomfortable wipe outs.

Handle pass leash attachment: offering a free moving smooth attachment point at the rear of the harness, keeping your leash out of the way whilst freestyling.

Battle Belt Waist Closure - Secured on the frame inside the Code waist harness, the stretchy velcro belt ensures a continuous snug fit can be maintained irrespective of the altering dynamics of the body. The velcro is positioned to avoid damage to wetsuits, lycra or skin.

Kite Spreaderbar with protector cover - reduces pressure on the chest and stomach and helps prevent injury.

3D Thermo Moulded Foam Interior and Exterior: By using the process of thermo moulding Mystic are able to add characteristics we needed for comfort and looks.

Safety Knife: Cuts flying lines in an emergency.

Quick release Clickerbar: 100% Safe and Easy to Use

Hersteller: Mystic