NKB Nugget TT 2017

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NKB Nugget TT 2017

TT Construction
    RTM fins

    Excels in small to medium sized waves
    Early planing
    Top upwind performance
    Economic price range

The Nugget TT is a forgiving, easy to use board in Compact Shape Construction, built in the super durable Tough Technology, suitable for first tries and freeriding on a directional board on flat water up to smashing medium waves. Whether you?re just getting started or are a seasoned pro, this model will have you out there in light winds, small waves or mushy conditions. The TT construction will really let you throw it about, being resistant to those pesky dings and scratches. With the same outline as the Nugget you'll fly upwind and feel in control at all times.

Sizes Volume Weight Finset
5'2'' x 21'' x 2 3/8'' 28,9L 60-85kg TS-M+NQ

Hersteller: North Kiteboarding
Boardkategorie: Directionals
Jahr: 2017