NKB Pro Session 2017

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  • NKB Front Surfpad Standart with mini pads - grey

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NKB Pro Session 2017   

Light Team Construction
    CNC Handmade Fins
    Technora Deck Reinforcement

    Carvy big wave slayer
    Max grip through rail design
    Driving bottom turn
    Control at high speeds

The Pro Session is a fast high performance surfboard best suited for riders looking for a board in the Light Team Construction with powerful, carvy drive through turns. It´s a brand new shape replacing the Kontact, designed for medium to big waves, strong wind and aimed at maximum control and performance when the conditions get challenging. The shape of the Pro Session is quite wide thus offers a much wider range of use than the Kontact. Team riders like Airton Cozzolino and Matchu Lopes were asking for a modern rounded pin tail board that was made for carving and drawing clean lines on medium to big waves, still offering loads of stability, speed and control when the waves are big and barreling. It should also be very versatile, turn very tight and be able to take explosive snaps, also in medium waves. This is how the Pro Session was born. Ride it with or without straps, depending on your style and conditions.

Sizes Volume Weight Finset
5'8'' x 17 3/4'' x 2 1/8'' 23L 55-75kg TS-M Pro II
5'11'' x 18 1/8'' x 2 5/16'' 26,9L >75kg TS-M Pro II

Hersteller: North Kiteboarding
Boardkategorie: Directionals
Jahr: 2017