NKB Quest TT 2017

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noch Pads und Schlaufen gefällig?
  • NKB Front Surfpad Standart with mini pads - grey

    perfect for all North directional boards

  • North Kiteboarding Directional Fußschlaufen (2 Stück)

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NKB Quest TT 2017

  • TT Construction
  • RTM fins
  • Easy to control
  • Extremely stable
  • Economic price point
  • Excels in small to medium sized waves

The Quest is of the same ancestry as the Wam, and without a doubt the most versatile and durable board in the range. Acknowledging that there are plenty of kiteboarders out there looking to step into the realms of wave riding, or speed up their current learning process, the Quest will provide the freedom to reach those goals whatever they may be. Extremely stable and easy to control, the Quest will have you brimming with confidence and stepping outside of your comfort zone before you know it.

Sizes Volume Weight Finset
5?10'' x 18 3/16'' x 2 1/4'' 24,9L 60-85kg TS-M

Hersteller: North Kiteboarding
Boardkategorie: Directionals
Jahr: 2017