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Naish Drive Limited Edition 2020

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High Performance Freeride

Sizes: 134x41, 138x41.5, 142x42

Who is it for?
Intermediate-to-advanced riders who demand an extremely lightweight and responsive board.

What?s it do?
Delivers a responsive and engaging ride and make everyone on the beach envy you.

Why is it unique?
Less than 100 will be available worldwide.

What?s new?
All the performance of the Drive with a badass, limited edition graphic.

Born to ride. These three words encompass the spirit of Naish. With over twenty years in kiteboarding the Drive Limited Edition celebrates Naish?s rich history with a badass graphic on our best board. Just as the name implies, the Drive Limited Edition will be available for a limited time and number of boards produced.

The Drive features a freeride shape in a high performance-oriented construction. Ideal for intermediate-to-advanced riders who demand an extremely lightweight and responsive board, the Drive delivers superior speed and upwind performance.

New centered inserts allow riders to comfortable and easily ride both rails, which dramatically extends the boards lifespan. Its carbon glass fusion construction makes it the lightest board in the Naish line and features heightened durability alongside a crisp and responsive ride. The Drive?s rails gradually taper, providing lightweight tips and defined edges for outstanding grip and optimum flex.

Beveled tunnel edges enhance the smooth riding experience. Its supreme pop wood core provides unmatched reflex characteristics while its freeride rocker delivers aggressive pop and a dynamic ride through both chop and flatwater conditions.


+Centered Inserts = Ability to ride both rails increases longevity
+Freeride Rocker = Chop-eating & forgiving rocker + back foot directional stability?
+Low Flex = Powerful & responsive handling?
+Flex Torsion Control = Boosts rigidity in axial & torsional axis + heightened control?
+Supreme Pop Wood Core = Unmatched reflex characteristics?
+3K Carbon = Extremely lightweight + exceptional flex characteristics + high strength-to-weight ratio?
+4° Angle Fin Platform = Superior grip + upwind performance
+New Corners = Enhanced durability/maximum power + easy transport + improved release

Hersteller: Naish
Boardkategorie: Twintips
Jahr: 2020


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