Naish Dub 2015

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Naish Dub 2015


-NEW 3-Stage Rocker R8/4/20 = Chop-eating and forgiving with aggressive pop + back foot directional stability
-NEW Tapered Rails = Lightweight tips + better grip
-Low Flex F32 = Ideal for medium speed riding
-Flex Torsion Control = Increased stiffness in both the axial and torsional axis + superior control
-3D Step Rails = Thin edges for solid grip


Performance Freestyle/Freeride

The dub offers riders the best of all worlds...superior freestyle and freeride performance with the advantages of a wakestyle inspired design. Designed for aggressive wakestyle riders using footstraps, this board delivers insane drive, edging and pop.

This season?s dub features a lower rocker for improved upwind performance and increased speed while maintaining a smooth ride, even in large chop. Its newly tapered rails reduce weight in the tips, defining the edges for increased grip and solid directional stability.

In addition, the 3D bottom shaping utilizes newly added center razor channels for increased edging performance and a flat center with in creased V in the tips for controlled sliding.


Hersteller: Naish
Boardkategorie: Twintips
Jahr: 2015