Naish Fusion 5-Line 2016

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Fusion 5-Line Control System 2016

The Fusion 5-line Control System features above-the-bar trim adjustment that focuses on simplicity and cleanliness for pro performance functionality while riding freestyle.

-Lightweight Smart Loop
-Bar End Technology - Adjustable Bar Width: 16?- 18? (40 - 45 cm)
-Double Density EVA with Memory Core
-Replaceable Bar Center
-Heavy-duty safety leash with quick release
-PU-coated trimline to minimize wear
-Above-the-bar trim adjustment
-High-Y front line connection


Fusion Bar Technology

Replaceable Nylatron® Insert

dramatically reduces friction & wear on the trim line

Titanium Screws

quick disassembly & replacement with universal key

Anodized Aluminum Bar Center

structural strength + impact resistance from the Smart Loop

Color-Coded, Double Density EVA with Memory Core

For comfortable, ergonomic grip

Jahr: 2016