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Naish Mast SDM 90% 490 cm

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Naish Mast SDM 90 % Carbon

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- High-Tech Masten produziert vom Premium Mastenhersteller Italica
- Prepeg-Carbon Technologie zur Reduktion der verwendeten Harzmenge und für ein optimales Verhältnis von Gewicht zu Stabilität
- edler Red Metalic-Finish-Look

All Naish masts are measured at the factory to ensure proper bend characteristics for optimum performance. Bases and tips are manufactured separately, enabling Naish to combine a light, responsive mast tip with a tough, resilient base.
This results in better performance, lower center of gravity, and improved durability.
Filament-Wound technology: Naish s state-of-the-art precision computer-controlled technology guarantees the precise placement of carbon fiber and e-glass in side-by-side helix on all its filament-wound masts.
Pre-Preg Technology: Pre-impregnation represents the cutting edge of composite manufacturing - a specially formulated resin system is introduced to the carbon,
glass and aramid fiber matrix under controlled laboratory conditions and then thermoset to ensure 100% curing.
That means no excess resin and the strongest possible final matrix. The resulting layup is lightweight, durable, and extremely consistent from mast to mast

Hersteller: Naish


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