Naish Mutant 2017

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Naish Mutant 5'2" 2017


Whether strapped or strapless, the Mutant is the solid, easy-to-ride choice for lightwind and underpowered conditions.

Incredibly stable, with its wide shape and low rocker line, this board planes early for unparalleled lightwind performance. Thinned-out rails and low rocker contribute to fast upwind speed and controlled driving off the front foot reinforces its nimble feel. Channels in the tail improve water flow over the fins, enhancing grip and control, making the Mutant very easy to maneuver.

    NEW Parallel Outlines = Stability + perfect balance + smooth in chop
    NEW Triple Angled Channels = Increased flow to fins for extra grip & better turning
    Thinned Rails in Tail = Superior grip
    NEW Deep Single Concave Bottom = Speed + drive + early planing
    CNC Shape = Absolute precision shaping
    NEW Double Bamboo Sandwich Deck = Maximum durability + minimizes pressure dents
    Surf Skin Bottom = Real surfboard feel on water + resilient + firm
    Full 3D Double Density Deck Pad = Excellent comfort + cushioning + traction
    Thruster Fin Setup = Snappy + control + release off the top
    Quad  fin setup(optional) = Upwind performance + Drive + Grip at speed
    Honeycomb Core Fins = Lightweight + high flex
    Lightweight Finish

Hersteller: Naish
Boardkategorie: Directionals
Jahr: 2017