Naish Nalu GS 2017

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Naish Nalu GS 2017

The Nalu 10?6" GTW/GS is the one-board solution for riders wanting versatility, stability and wave riding performance. It features a wide Nalu outline, recessed deck and full rails for increased stability and wider range of use. The single-concave nose flows into a double-concave midsection and V tail, making it adaptable to everything from flatwater cruising, to ankle slapper waves, to double overhead surf.

The Nalu 10?10? GTW/GS is an all-around, extra stable design for touring, carrying gear, tandem paddling and small surf. It features a radical multi-concave bottom shape that channels the water from nose to tail. The multi-channel bottom combined with the low rocker makes it glide incredibly straight for a wide board of its length. The wide outline and slightly recessed deck in the standing area provide unmatched stability. The forward deck has eight insert holes for a bungee accessory to carry coolers and gear.

The Nalu 11?0? GTW/GS features a versatile design for classic longboard surfing performance, touring and flatwater cruising. It has been fine-tuned with decreased volume in the nose and tail areas, resulting in an extremely responsive board with easy maneuverability. It features a wide outline and double concave deck in the stance area for optimal stability and comfort. This addition to the Nalu range offers riders the highest level of true longboard surfing performance, making everyday a great day on the water.

The Nalu 11'4" GTW/GS features an all-around design for classic longboard surfing performance and flatwater paddling versatility. It is a well-known favorite for both waves and flatwater riding with its thin outline and progressive rocker. It is a superb well-rounded board for most riders and delivers versatility they will never outgrow.


Length Width Thickness Weight Volume Max Rider Wt.
10'6" / 320 cm 30" / 76.2 cm 4" / 10.2 cm 22.4 lbs / 10.1 kg 160 L 240 lbs / 109 kg
Length Width Thickness Weight Volume Max Rider Wt.
10'10" / 330.2 cm 32" / 81.3 cm 4 3/8" / 11.1 cm 27.6 lbs / 12.5 kg 201 L 240 lbs / 109 kg
Length Width Thickness Weight Volume Max Rider Wt.
11'0" / 335.3 cm 31" / 78.7 cm 4 1/2" / 11.4 cm 24.7 lbs / 11.2 kg 175 L 210 lbs / 95 kg
Length Width Thickness Weight Volume Max Rider Wt.
11'4" / 345.4 cm 30" / 76.2 cm 4 1/2" / 11.4 cm 24.7 lbs / 11.2 kg 180 L 220 lbs / 100 kg

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Hersteller: Naish
Jahr: 2017