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Naish Size Guide

Naish Surf Foil Jet Complete Abracadabra 2020

The newly developed 2020 Jet Foil sets offer a multitude of new features setting a new performance standard for surf and SUP foiling while offering versatility that reaches towards kite, wake and windsurf foiling.
For 2020, Naish introduces an entirely new line of surf foils—reimagined, redesigned, and fine-tuned over months of testing to improve performance on every level. Further developing our delta wing concept, we’ve focused on better pumping and improving our already excellent agility. The new wings feature new proprietary foil sections that deliver more lift while reducing drag, smoothed frontal geometry that makes turning more intuitive while maintaining the ‘surf’ feel that makes our wings so popular, and refined wingtips that provide excellent grip during turns and are also safer. These new wings are matched by new stabilizers (back wings) that connect seamlessly to our new fuselage design, and deliver improved performance across the board.

For 2020, our core surf wings produce the same or better lift size for size, and are faster,  tighter turning, and easier to control. Improved speed makes them suitable for an even wider range of conditions (especially bigger surf), while the constant curve front profile adds control and precision, allowing the rider to draw sharper lines on the wave. The high lift coefficient delivers exceptionally early take off, making these wings not only easier to surf, but also an excellent choice for wake surfing, kite and—especially in combination with the Naish Hover Crossover boards—windsurf foilers. The Jet 1250 is ideal for riders up to 200 lbs.

Continuing to progress at the forefront of foiling, the 2020 Jet 1650 foil sets feature a multitude of new developments. The results set a new performance standard for surf and SUP foiling while offering versatility and performance for kite, wake and windsurf foiling. The right choice for surfing in small surf, or to accommodate riders above 200 pounds in surfing. Can also be used as a downwind wing for lighter riders or windy conditions above 20 knots.
Re-engineered from the ground up, this wing brings many of the performance advantages of smaller wings (speed and responsiveness) to a higher lift package that is perfect for heavier riders, or anyone just looking for more lift. Every parameter of the wing from aspect ratio to wingtip washout has been fine-tuned strike the perfect balance between lift and maneuverability.

Brand new for 2020, the Jet 2000 foil was designed to create the best performing downwind and small surf foil possible. With a higher aspect ratio, a new proprietary section and a host of new features, the Jet 2000 sets a new standard for big wing.
This new design is optimized for the emerging sport of downwind foiling, but we also recommend it for small, gutless surf due to it’s impressive turning ability for it’s size. It features a higher aspect ratio for improved pumping and maximum glide time, and a refined section with reduced frontal area for speed, and a flatter profile than our pure surf wings. Compared to a more surf oriented wing, the Jet 2000 is more directionally stable yet still capable of carving turns for surfing.

Brand new for 2020, the Jet 2450 foil was designed to create the best performing downwind foil possible. Sharing the higher aspect ratio and new proprietary section of the Jet 2000, the 2450 is the largest wing Naish makes and the ultimate downwind gliding machine.
The name says it all—the 2450 is a big wing designed to produce big lift. A high lift glider foil section is married to a new outline geometry with a flatter profile and wider wingspan designed to extract maximum efficiency from the surface area while remaining easy to turn and control. This is the largest wing in the Naish range, and is the ultimate “go to” wing for heavier riders (up to 250 lbs) or anyone who wants lift to burn. The Jet 2450 attaches with (3) M6 x 30 mm screws—DO NOT USE 20 mm SCREWS WITH THE JET 2450.


  • Abracadabra Plate
  • Mast
  • Surf Fuselage
  • Jet Front Wing
  • Stabilizer Backwing
  • Titanium Foil Assembly Screw Set
  • Abracadabra Mounting Screw Set
  • Foil Wing Covers and Carry Case
  • Torx T30 Driver

Mast Size Front Wing Design Aspect Ratio Wingspan Backwing Projected Surface Area Section
65 cm High Lift (For Riders 120-170 lbs) 4,0 25.2"/64 cm Stabilizer 320 162.8 in²/1050 cm² Surf/Kite/Wake/Windsurf Foiling

65 cm High Lift (For Riders 160-210 lbs) 4,0 27.6"/70 cm Stabilizer 320 193.8 in²/1250 cm² Surf/Kite/Wake/Windsurf Foiling

65 cm High Lift (For Riders up to 250 lbs) 4,8 34.8"/88.5 cm Stabilizer 450 255.8 in²/1650 cm² Surf /Wake Foiling

75 cm Ultra High Lift (For Riders up to 225 lbs) 5,1 39.4"/100 cm Stabilizer 450 310 in²/2000 cm² Surf /Wake Foiling

75 cm Ultra High Lift (For Riders up to 225 lbs) 4,1 39.4"/100 cm Stabilizer 450 380 in²/2450 cm² Surf /Wake Foiling
Fabrikant: Naish

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