Naish Torch 2015 Testkite

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Naish Torch 2015 Testkite

Der Zustand der Testkites sind auf jeden Kite verschieden beschrieben.(bitte Größe und Farbe des ausgewählten Kites anklicken)
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Pro Performance Freestyle

The 2015 Torch is designed for freestyle riders who demand a state-of-the-art, fast flying C-kite with precision response for hooked and unhooked riding.

With a concentration on increased performance in strong winds, the Torch features a newly reduced leading edge taper, which provides increased stability, solid feel and outstanding control and handling.  Power is delivered smoothly, while the depower is similar to that of a bridled kite due to its ability to fly fast through the air.

This proven, 2x ?King of the Air? Champion is the #1 kite of choice for dedicated freestyle riders.

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14

-NEW Canopy stabilizer
-NEW High flow valve
-Reduced leading edge taper
-Precision response for hooked and unhooked riding
-Direct bar feel
-Solid power through turns
-Superior unhooked control

?The new, stiff profile really makes the Torch better then ever before! Slightly increasing the diameter of the LE at the tips really gives the kite a more solid feel. And that?s exactly what you want when you?re riding in strong and gusty winds. Even in light wind, a solid feel is good...the kite moves around less and gives you a more direct feel on the bar. This year?s Torch is the extension you have been looking for!?  - Kevin Langeree, 2014 KOTA Champion


Hersteller: Naish
Jahr: 2015