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Naish Triad S26 Demo

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Naish TRIAD S26



Kites are like new, ask for pictures via info@surfpirates.de





All-around Freeride
Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14

The Triad is an all-around freeride machine. This kite handles power extremely well, and is a reliable kite for smooth, predictable jumps, and forgiving steering. Its ease of control inspires confidence and makes it a great jumping kite giving even the Pivot a run for its money in most conditions. This three-strut kite has a center luff strut similar to the Boxer and provides a linear and forgiving power band with great sheet-in-and-go power. For anyone searching for a kite that does everything, the Triad is a great choice for you.


+Intuitive and stable with true sheet-in-and-go power
+Forgiving steering so the kite does not overreact
+Super easy jumps
+Consistent & predictable power
+Effortless water relaunch


+Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric = Stiff & strong canopy fabric
+Trailing Edge Reinforcements = Disperses canopy flutter
+HT Plus Seam = High-tensile thread that fortifies the leading edge along the seam
+Molded Strut Ends = Reinforcements protect the struts 
+Aramid Patches = Protects and reinforces the seams
+One Point Inflation System = Quick and easy inflation and deflation through 9mm hoses
+Diagonal Load Seam = Distributes kite tension for a powerful and balanced kite
+Luff Strut = Adaptable framework provides low-end power
+Anti-Stiction Window = Easy relaunch by letting water drain instantly
+Progressive Profile = Evolving profile along the wingspan allows the center sections to generate power while flatter tips minimize drag and allow for faster turning
+Reduced Panel Count and Seams = Lighter and stronger kite

Kitetyp: Foil Freeride Wave
Hersteller: Naish
Jahr: 2021 2022



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