Naish Venturi 180 cm 2012

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Naish Venturi 2012

Größe/size 6.0 / 180 cm

One of the new additions for the 2012 Naish directional kiteboard line is the Venturi board. The Venturi is a high performance racing and lightwind board crafted especially for top riders.
The board is built using the latest technology and top quality composites. It is extremely fast and powerful and it is guaranteed to secure the podium in any competition.
Each size of the Venturi was individually shaped and tested to assure uncompromised racing performance as well as a fun cruise.

? Diamond Grooved Deck Pad
? Bamboo Sandwich Construction
? Vario Footstraps
? Tri fin setup
? Improved Lightwind Performance

Racing is a very demanding discipline. Apart from extensive training and determination it requires high performance gear. Naish has come up with the perfect solution for competition riders.
It is called Venturi and it is a board which redefines the concepts of highs speed and lightwind racing. There are a lot of racing boards available on the market, but no board can compare with the new 2012 Naish Venturi.
It is very powerful and fast, yet it is still fun to ride.

The board is specifically designed to suit competition level riders in different conditions. The 175 Venturi is the perfect board for long distance cruises, while the 180 and 190 are perfect course racing weapons.
All the models perform great in light wind conditions. The wider shape and hydrodynamic profile allow the board to cut through the waves at impressive speeds, while also providing a smooth glide.

Besides power and speed, the Venturi offers excellent control and stability. Even at top speeds or in stronger winds it is reliable and steady and the rider feels very comfortable on it.
The board is equipped with a racing tri fin setup intended to minimize drag and improve grip.

The Naish Venturi is engineered using a full Bamboo Sandwich Construction. Composite laminates wrap the light foam core to provide a strong structure.
Additional closed cell foam layers provide extra reinforcement, while the Bamboo laminate layers finish the structure. Carbon rails improve the longitudinal stiffness. This construction assures the perfect strength to weight ratio.
Excellent comfort throughout the entire race or cruise is provided by the Vario ergonomic footstraps and by the 8 Piece Grooved Deck Pad.

Hersteller: Naish
Boardkategorie: Directionals
Jahr: 2012