Neil Pryde Atlas HD 2016

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Neil Pryde Atlas HD 2016


Atlas offers predictable, steady and user friendly drive, ideal for use in on-shore wave conditions. Early to plane, the Atlas is up and ready to get into the action with efficient, usable power at all times.
Featuring great upwind ability and acceleration, the Atlas pushes hard when conditions are less than ideal and its high lift characteristics ensure massive jumping performance.

Higher Draft Distribution combined with a deep profile, generates power and maximum upwind performance in on-shore conditions.

Construction: Available in both clear and HD window.

Higher Leech tension allowing the sail to power up quickly in minimal wind conditions by creating some lift even in the head.
Even twist for optimum response and constant drive, while being able to release any excessive pressure and reduce backhand overload.
Rider focused centre of effort: Deep profile focused on lower 2 battens. Perfectly balanced power to ensure profile stability and control.

The 2016 Atlas has been totally re-designed with the objective of keeping all the drive and power, which characterize this sail, but improving the handling when riding waves.
We achieved this by tuning the luff-curve which now permits better twist in the lowermiddle leech so excess power can be released, preventing backhand overload.
At the same time, we increased the profile on lower two battens to ensure no power is lost.

Atlas provides plenty of power in on-shore conditions and is super stable during jumps. Go high or go home!

Atlas is my go-to sail in lighter winds and sketchy conditions where it perfect with its smooth power delivery and drive.

Sail Specs
Size Luff Boom Base Battens Cams Ideal Mast Top Finishing Weight
4.1  379  158  10  5  0  370  Fixed Head  3.64kg
4.4  389  162  20  5  0  370  Fixed Head  3.69kg
4.7  399  167  30  5  0  370  Fixed Head  3.72kg
5.0  412  172  12  5  0  400  Fixed Head  3.93kg
5.4  426  177  26  5  0  400  Fixed Head  4.05kg
5.8  441  183  12  5  0  430  Fixed Head  4.24kg
6.2  455  189  26  5  0  430  Fixed Head  4.42kg

Hersteller: Neil Pryde
Jahr: 2016