Neil Pryde Hornet 2016

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Neil Pryde Hornet 2016

Twin-Cam Performance Freeride

Hornet is the sail of choice for sailors looking for extremely early planing. Pure speed and thrills with accessible race-sail-like performance, in a package that is a breeze to rig and feels light in the hands. Inspired by the Racing Program, the profile ensures high stability levels in gusts or when overpowered. The result is cam-free handling in maneuvers combined with cam sail straight-line performance and low-end power.

Key Features
Open Integrated Compact Clew for optimized foot outline and extra surface under the boom.

Forceline custom laminated clew for optimized strength and load distribution.
Integracam: fully integrated compact camber providing regular cam enducer profile
support while keeping the soft rotation and narrow sleeve width of a no-cam sail.
Instant Rotation thanks to the nature of the Integracam that places the leading edge tension
just behind the mast as on a no-cam sail.
Component battens: six tubular-batten configuration reducing weight while giving optimum profile shape
and stability. One-rod bottom batten for deep foot profile and durability.

SizeLuffBoomBaseBattensCamsIdeal MastTop FinishingWeightCode
6.24321942/3272430/400Fixed Head4.67kgBNP16HO00062
6.74512012272430Fixed Head4.86kgBNP16H000O67
7.24702071072460Fixed Head5.06kgBNP16H000O72
7.74892133072460Fixed Head5.23kgBNP16H000O77
8.25062191672490Fixed Head5.44kgBNP16H000O82
8.752222532/272490/520Fixed Head5.62kgBNP16H000O87

Hersteller: Neil Pryde
Jahr: 2016