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Neil Pryde X-Move HD 2019

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Neil Pryde X:Move HD 2019

Freewave / Freemove

Based on the 2018 Fusion HD design, the new X:Move HD offers a flavor for every taste. Sitting right between the wave and freeride programs. More stable and more drive than a traditional wave sail, while lighter, more maneuverable and playful in the waves or in the air than a freeride sail. Use anywhere, in any wind strength, on any water condition: learn the basics, jump, catch a wave, or get into freeride mode. With forgiving handling and full HD construction.


-One mast and boom fits all sizes. (430 Mast/ 160 Boom)
-Size-specific foot angle: Low in big sizes. High in small sizes.
-Rod Battens on all sizes for durability making X:Move suitable for use even in moderate wave conditions.
-Light and forgiving trough moderate skin tension and rider-focused center of effort.
Size Luff Boom Base Weight/KG (HD) Battens Cams Ideal Mast Top Finishing
5,2 419 173 20.02.18 N/A 5 0 400/430 Vario Top
5,7 433 183 34/4 N/A 5 0 400/430 Fixed Head
6,2 444 191 14 N/A 5 0 430 Fixed Head
6,7 459 199 30 N/A 4 0 430 Fixed Head

Segeltyp: Freeride Wave
Hersteller: Neil Pryde/NP
Jahr: 2019


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