Neil Pryde X-Wave HD 2019

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Neil Pryde X:Wave HD 2019

All-Round Wave

The new X:Wave HD is based on the 2018 Combat design. Same great shape, slightly more power, better early planing and performance to suit all levels of rider and a wider variety of conditions. The X:Wave HD comes with a longer boom to offer more speed, power and stability and deeper shaping in the bottom 2 battens to further enhance these benefits. Extremely comfortable handling with all the juice you need to get out over the whitewater and make the most of challenging conditions, but still light in the hands and fantastically maneuverable. Ideal for use in all kinds of wave sailing conditions around the globe.


-Central moderate profile for optimum balance between upwind power and stability.
-Increased shaping in mid and forward body section for consistent drive.
-Wide wind range: A large tuning range, thanks to a stable profile, allows the rider to trim the sail for all conditions.
-Versatile: Moderate and progressive luff curve for optimum maneuverability, speed and power in both onshore and side-shore conditions.
-4 batten configuration on all sizes.

SizeLuffBoomBaseWeight/KG (HD)BattensCamsIdeal MastTop Finishing
3,83641522401.02.8040340/370Vario Top
4,23761586N/A40370Fixed Head
4,538616216N/A 40370Fixed Head
4,739616626N/A40370Fixed Head
540917010N/A40400Fixed Head
5,34211742201.03.2540400Fixed Head
5,743417934/401.03.4040400/430Fixed Head
6,24521842201.03.5840430Fixed Head

Segeltyp: Wave
Hersteller: Neil Pryde
Jahr: 2019