North Jaime Textreme 2017

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  • North Vario Combo 2017

    The tried and tested Vario Combo is once again an integral part of our collection. The Vario Combo has been completely reworked and is now easier to mount, more compatible and more comfortable. The new design of the Vario Buckles features modified strap insertions that substantially simplify mounting.

    The ergonomically shaped Vario Pad still convinces with its high comfort and the proven anti-slip structure guarantees a firm grip in all situations. Mounted on a board with The Track System, both the Vario Strap?s and the Vario Pad?s width can be steplessly adjusted. Compared to last year?s model, the new Vario Strap offers increased size adjustment through the optimized Velcro closure. Adjusting the size is now much quicker and easier.

    This is particularly important if you have to use neoprene booties in cold conditions or if different riders use the same board. The Vario Combo is compatible with all North Kiteboarding boards of any product generation.

    Ergonomic footpad
    Simple mounting
    Increased size adjustment of the Vario Straps
    Stepless stance adjustment (pad distance) when mounted on The Track boards
    Anti-slip structure
    incl. handle

  • North Entity Combo 2017

    NTT Contact Pad (pair) and NTT Split Strap (pair), Grab Handle, NTT Strap Buckles, washers and screws!

    Entitiy Combo S / M US (M) 5?10 Entity Combo L / XL US (M) 8?13

    Every foot is different. Taking this into consideration the Entity, an ergonomically shaped footpad sets new standards in the evolution of kite sports.
    The Entity offers a variety of settings to perfectly fit on each foot, in addition it is quick and easy to mount and even looks damn good on your feet!

    The NTT has been designed and tested for use with the The Track system. ?The Track? is an innovative mounting system on North twintips in its third generation. Together with The Track, the NTT unfolds its full potential of individual settings.
    The NTT can be mounted on any board with standard inserts from the product generation 2011 onwards, however, the range of individual settings is then limited.

    The Contact Frame is the intelligent basis of the entire footpad. The construction perfectly adapts to the shape of our boards and does not interfere with the flex characteristics.

    The NTT Contact Pad consists of the time-tested EVA footpad and the NTT Contact Frame. The footbed is ergonomically shaped and perfectly combines fit, control and comfort.
    The footpad is enveloped by the Contact Frame, which reliably transfers the forces directly to the board. The direct contact between Contact Pad and board enhances the board feeling.
    The enhanced heel of the Contact Pad reduces pressure in sensitive areas of the foot by increasing the cushioning effect. Also it changes the angle of the foot in the binding, which improves the foothold.
    The anti-slip surface first employed in 2014 considerably increases the grip, keeping the foot in firm contact with the NTT . However the surface of the inlays permits easy entry, yet prevents the foot slipping out. Maximum comfort & bombproof grip!

    The pad is supplied with three NTT heel cushions of varying hardness. The cushions permit adjusting the NTT Contact Pads to your personal preferences.
    soft (yellow) for more comfort
    hard (blue) for better control
    medium (red) for the golden mean

    Together with the NTT Contact Pad, the NTT Split Strap forms probably the most functional footpad system on the market. In 2015 the strap is covered with a flushy velcro neoprene on the inside and outside.
    It offers great comfort and grip on the inside and due to the fact that the velcro sticks on anywhere you have always perfect overlap and hold of the strap. The revolutionary split function offers the choice between maximum grip and optimum mobility:
    By moving the Strap Buckles backwards or forward, the split opens or closes. The further you open the split, the greater the contact surface that wraps around your foot. Offering bombproof grip and more control over your board is the direct result.
    The more you close the split, the more range of motion you get. The Split Strap comes with all-over padding and the width adjustment makes sure that the NTT Split Strap wraps tightly around any shape of foot.
    Achieving a great fit with neoprene booties is no longer a problem neither. The procedure is really simple and only takes a few seconds.

    The The Track Nuts secure the Pad/Strap combination and mount to the NTT Combo within seconds. The Nuts can be moved laterally in The Tracks to adjust the distance between the pads.
    The Nuts are supplied with all series boards with The Track System.

    The Track Plug are made of TPE plastic and prevents The Track Nuts from falling out of the tracks. The plugs also make sure that the system is mounted correctly.

    The central triangles on the NTT ContactPad and inside The Track system indicate the entity Combo?s basic setting, also known as the recommended stance.
    The recommended stance has been individually determined for each North Kiteboarding board. Some riders may prefer a different position. The section Customize X6 explains the various possibilities for individual tuning.

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North Jaime Textreme 2017

    Mediumhard Flex
    Quattro V Bottom
    Textreme Carbon Construction
    NTT recommended

    Extremely lightweight due to Textreme Carbon construction
    Biax Carbon for a dynamic ride and explosive pop
    Quattro V Bottom ensures massive grip
    Innovative outline, best suited for riding NTT straps

Completely new to the range is the Jaime Textreme. A high-end Freestyle board in the luxury Textreme construction that perfectly fills the gap between the Select and the Team Series.
A board for advanced riders looking for a pure freestyle Twintip, especially developed for riding in straps. Geared toward hooked-in and unhooked riding, it's a favourite amongst North Kiteboarding's Product Managers.
Due to its very light Textreme construction any manoeuvres are easy to perform. A refined and sporty experience with enhanced Freestyle and Freeride characteristics - it's time you get the most of this premium product with an extravagant twist.

Sizes Weight Finset
133/40 60-75kg S-Bend FS 4.5 PC
136/41 70-85kg S-Bend FS 4.5 PC
139/42 80-95kg S-Bend FS 5.0 PC
142/43 >95kg S-Bend FS 5.0 PC

Brands: North Kiteboarding
board category: twintips
Year: 2017