North Jaime Textreme 2018

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North Jaime Textreme 2018


Mediumhard Flex
Quattro V Bottom
Textreme Carbon Construction
NTT recommended
Extremely lightweight due to Textreme Carbon construction
Biax Carbon for dynamic ride and pop
Quattro V Bottom ensures massive grip
Innovative outline best suited for riding NTT straps


How do you make one of the best kiteboards in the business better? Take one of the most versatile and popular shapes in the range and give it that little something extra! In this case, it?s a lot of something called Textreme Carbon, the most exotic material to ever be put into a kiteboard. This material not only reduces the weight of the board, but it also adds, even more response and livens up the entire feel on the water. The Jaime Textreme was an entirely new board last year, and it?s back once again to blow kiteboarders away whenever they ride it. The best just got better; it?s as simple as that. 


Size Weight Finset
133/40 60-75kg S-Bend FS 4.5 Carbon 30
136/41 70-85kg S-Bend FS 4.5 Carbon 30
139/42 80-95kg S-Bend FS 5.0 Carbon 30
142/43 >95kg S-Bend FS 5.0 Carbon 30

Hersteller: North Kiteboarding
Boardkategorie: Twintips
Jahr: 2018