North Rebel 9m 2016 Testkite

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 North Rebel 9m 2016 Testkite

Kite is in a good condition, two small patches, Ask for pictures at

!The Kite comes with a new Best Bag! 

  • Weight optimized construction
  • More lively handling
  • Faster turning
  • great top end & best hangtime

The North Kiteboarding Rebel doesn?t need an introduction; it has been the pinnacle of freeride kites for so long now. There are countless riders around the world who enjoy its amazing performance, and once again, for 2016 a Rebel, is a Rebel! The loaded 5th line offers amazing depower and unparalleled sheet and go power delivery. This year the profile has been tuned to improve the upwind ability even more, and of course you get the smooth and predictable handling that is part of the Rebels DNA. The biggest sizes are pure hangtime machines and the 18 comes as a 18 airstyle edition! It?s the most user friendly, performance orientated kite we make. If you?re a freerider then the Rebel is the go to kite for the best jumps, longest hangtime and smoothest ride on the water.

Segeltyp: Freeride
Hersteller: North Kiteboarding
Shape: Freeride
Jahr: 2016