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North Sonar Front Wing 850 2020

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North Size Guide

North Sonar Front Wing 850

Performance Freeride Front Wing

The perfect foil you will never outgrow. Amazing top end and bottom end speed, yet playful and forgiving, the Sonar 850 is your ultimate freeride wing. Smooth control at both ends of the speed spectrum and an exceptionally low stalling speed allow you to master new manoeuvres quickly.


Maximum freeride performance
Carries the lift through all manouevres and lets you step up your foil game with ease.

Anhedral wing profile
With swept back outline allows for a more agile flight mode and roll stability during maneuvres.

Optimised low drag to lift ratio
Foil section allows for thrilling top end speeds combined with unbelievable low stall speed.

Sonar 850, Foil Screw Pack D


Hersteller: North
Jahr: 2020