North Whip CSC 2018

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North Whip CSC 2018


Vacuum Bamboo Tec Construction
Cork shock absorber
Concave deck with grab rail
Fast and stable
Amazing speed generation
Direct feedback and positive rail grip
Perfect for tight snaps and smooth carves


The Whip is a modern high-performance compact design aimed at performing in small to medium sized waves. It?s the perfect board for the everyday wave rider looking for the best all-round compact tool for nearly all conditions. The board shares the same shape as the Whip Pro, featuring the all-new deep twin channel bottom shape, which offers exceptional directional stability. This has allowed our shaper, Sky Solbach, to increase the rocker and also the curve in the outline. The result is vastly improved rail-to-rail performance, increased control, balance and speed. The board is happy carving smooth turns or performing more aggressive manoeuvres in the pocket of the wave. The new Whip will be able to handle anything you throw at it, whatever the conditions it?s got your back.

Size Volume Weight Finset
5?4? x 19? x 2 3/8? 26.6L >85kg TS-M
5?2? x 18 1/2? x 2 3/16? 23.5L 70-90kg TS-M
5?0? x 18? x 2 1/8? 21.2L 55-75kg TS-M

Hersteller: North Kiteboarding
Boardkategorie: Directionals
Jahr: 2018