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Point-7 Black Core 80% Carbon Zero 19/20 Mast

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Point-7 Black Core 80% Carbon Zero 19 Mast


The BlackCore mast range comprises an 80% carbon content and is produced to the exact specifications of the Point-7 standards for bend-curve and hardness. The performance against the BlackPrime is very minimal and can only be measured with a clock, it will not be felt. Using the same high-performance construction ensures this mast superior performance in comparison with others in its class.
The high carbon content and quality of this mast will ensure durability and a good reflex that will lighten the feeling of any rig. Advantages gained from a higher glass content and lower carbon percentage, is that the masts are better protected against breakage but thereby also a little slower in its response than a pure carbon mast.


  • An extra catapult, an extra crash, long time rigged, this mast will not suffer
  • Best compromise between price, performance and durability
  • Racing without any type of stress or worries
  • Consists of 3 carbon layers and 1 layer of glass

Hersteller: Point -7
Jahr: 20192020