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Point-7 Carbon+ Pro Boom

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Point-7 Carbon+ Pro Boom

All our carbon booms are monocoque built, including the tail ends with molded holes. All our carbon booms are tapered giving a thinner diameter in the area you grip while sailing, and a wider diameter on the rear part to allow stiffness and light weight where most needed.

Twin PIN Clips.
Boom double pin clips for a stiffer connection between boom body and tail end, with 2cm adjustments. Different sizes used to best suit the boom size.

boom head.
The boom head is made to bring the correct synergy with the stiffness of the carbon tubes. Easy automatic fitting to the mast. Moving head tilts according to fitting height on the mast, but does not move from side to side. With very little rope tension, the head will not slip on the mast. Fits RDM adaptors perfectly (included in the 150 model), and the 140 Carbon boom has a dedicated head for only RDM masts.

pro grip.

Boom Grip is lightly sanded, anti-slip pro grip: Less strength needed from you for a firm grip on the boom. Easy positioning marks for the harness lines.

Tail End.
To be less bulky in manoeuvres and high winds, the tail end is made to fit inside the boom body in the smaller sized booms: wave 140, 150 and slalom 170. To further reduce the weight and increase the stiffness of the bigger 190 and 210 booms, the diameter of the tail pieces are increased and fit outside the boom body.

Which Carbon SL boom size? from POINT-7 International on Vimeo.

Jahr: 2019
Hersteller: Point -7


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