Prolimit Global Steamer 5/3mm

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Prolimit Global Steamer 5 mm DL

Prolimit Global wetsuit are the perfect combination of our latest neoprene technology and designs concepts, creating the ultimate all-round performance wetsuits.

Global series wetsuits are the multi sport option with increased durability. The unique waterblock system prevents water entry while the Uphaul strap makes zipping up easier and more comfortable.
The Global suits features Double ProteX knees and inner thigh reinforcement for maximum durability. Neoprene/Velcro ankle flaps are is used for easy entry.

What we're looking for is a wetsuit that is designed to withstand the toughest of conditions that our sport can throw at us, yet have that in-built flexibility which allows us as a rider to perform the way we want to play! They even look good too!
The Global Series is ideal for riders looking for maximum durability without compromising cold water performance.

Custom designing the right curves into the shaped seams of Prolimit wetsuits, depends on a combinations of 3D CAD design and real world fitting. In the end it gives Natural shape to their products. The seams/shape guarantees a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Less seams/curved lines means less shape. Less shape means the neoprene needs to stretch more to adapt to your body.

Stretching means that the neoprene will get thinner and will lose some of its insulation ability. Prolimit uses lots of Natural shaping seams for better fit, more stretch and movement, more insulation and warmth!