Quatro Tetra Thruster 2017

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Quatro Tetra FSW 2017

Shaper Keith Teboul: The Tetra is the allround Freewave board. Smooth entry with minimal tail rocker for super early planning but still playful turning board.

All the models run a v-bottom with double a concave running through the belly of the board for  a smooth, stable and fast ride. Sticking with our newer concept of putting the sailor further back on the board and adjusting the rockers for this we have created a board that is fast to plane yet easy to turn at speed because of the stance positioning.

This is the go to board for blasting around and smoking your friends...

Length Width Tail Vol. Sail Fin
234,5 60,4 36,7 89 <6,0 MFC US 23 / MT 9 cm
237 62,3 38,2 99 <6,5 MFC US 25 / MT 9 cm
240 64 39 109 <7,0 MFC US 28 / MT Covers