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RRD Religion 2020

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RRD Religion 2020

Unmatched drifting abilities, superquick turns

Benchmark wave kite in the market

Front-line trim setting with wave / freestyle-wave options


Enjoy a pure, radical surfing session with this true legend of the wave discipline. At its 10th edition the Religion has transformed together with the evolution of riding waves with a kite. There are not many kites out there that can drift like the Religion allowing you to ride the wave instead of being pulled by the kite. The huge depower will kill the harness pressure when bottom turning and lining up for a big vertical turn on the wave or for more control during your strapless freestyle maneuvers. You will immediately feel linked to the Religion and its impressive turing speed and reactivity. You think it, he does it!


Religion special Wave Frame
Front-line trim setting with two options: wave / freestyle-wave
Quick Air Flow Valve, with special moulded protection cap and reduced dimensions
Bridle anti-tangle device
Wide tips for extra maneuverability
4m, 5m, 6m, 7m & 8m have a pulley on the bridle, to handle the strong gusty conditions
and improve the stability.
8m, 9m, 10,5m & 12m have a higher aspect ratio to improve the speed, power and reaction time.



Kitetyp: Wave
Hersteller: RRD - RobertoRicciDesign
Jahr: 2020
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RRD Global Bar 2020

RRD Global Bar 2020

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