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RRD Spark 5'5'' 2018

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RRD Spark 5'5'' 2018


The new RRD Spark is in its own program. It blends the Assopigliatutto and the Chiatta to create a unique all-round performer. This combination paired with a COTAN shape, defines the Spark as a premium board that is truly the perfect shape for all conditions.

This board is the ideal choice for those who are torn between the Rocket or the Cotan. The Spark shines bright during strapless freestyle, provides early planing for incredible light wind performance, and still maintains proper wave riding characteristics in side-onshore or side-offshore conditions. Equipped with easy to ride parallel rails, a very straight outline, and extremely thin, but really wide to nose to tail, the Spark feels extremely comfortable and follows your line while cranking that bottom turn. The board is exceptionally stable as the nose does not lift up and down. Before we had two boards that do it all, now we have the Spark.


+ Straight outline with very parallel lines throughout. Increasing the grip potential while maximizing wet area in a compact shape
+ Flat hull on the nose and deep monoconcave in the middle and tail area with flat release on the tail kick
+ Quad setup to maximize grip in light winds to stay upwind and improve off the top release when riding a wave
+ Thin rails profile from nose to tail to improve control in waves
SPARK 5’5? LTD 5’5? x 19 1/2?x2 1/4? 30 65 >95KG 3.0 KG ±6% EDGE FINS – L Front – Rear Quad
SPARK 5’5? WOOD 5’5? x 19 1/2?x2 1/4? 30 65 >95KG 3.2 KG ±6% EDGE FINS – L Front – Rear Quad


Hersteller: RRD - RobertoRicciDesign
Boardkategorie: Directionals
Jahr: 2018



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