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RRD Vogue Mast C100 RDM

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RRD Vogue Mast C100 RDM

Available in 4 different lengths, the Wave Vogue Mast is a high performance RDM mast designed specifically for the use on wave sails and the superstyle sails.
The new Wave Vogue RDM mast is available in 3 different Carbon contents this year: 60%, 75%, 80% and 100%.
They both offer an incredible strength together with a fantastic weight and improved rotation of the sail.
The 60% and 75% are recommended for smaller size sails and the 100% for bigger sizes or anytime that response and stifness are a must for performance.

C100 370

Length: 370 cms, IMCS: 17

C100 400

Length: 400 cms, IMCS: 19

C100 430

Length: 430 cms, IMCS: 21

C100 460

Length: 460 cms, IMCS: 25

Biegecurve : Constant Curve Mast.


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