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RRD WaveCult LTD V8 114L

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The new WAVE CULT V8 is the board that everyone should have, which suits all kinds of conditions and allows you to feel covered in any sessions at both your home spot and on your travels. We focused more and more on this goal to provide a tool that can perform the best in both on-shore and side-shore conditions in every wave size.

The V8 model is available in two different technologies, the LTD and LTE, to cover everyone?s needs. The LTD comes with our latest and most innovative Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers on the deck and glass bottom, while the LTE is a single shot with wood deck and bottom.

The WAVE CULT V8, like his predecessor, has superb planing capabilities and is easy in all transitions and, at the same time, is very powerful in turns. All the boards are short, with more volume in the central part and are combined with a pronounced kick. The outline comes out with a completely re-designed round pintail with winger and soft diamond nose.

The Wave Cult is the board that does everything and excels whatever the conditons are.


Hersteller: RRD - RobertoRicciDesign
Shape: FreeStyleWave Wave
Jahr: 2019


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