RRD i Wave Classic

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RRD iWave Classic 2014-2015

The new iWAVE SUP boards have been inspired by the latest test of our surfboard designs, and developed specifically to be ridden while standing up with a paddle in your hands.
These are the narrowest, most radical wave SUP boards of our collection, conceived only for expert and PRO riders who are looking for hi performance and top-level maneuverability in any section of the wave.
A narrow outline with a narrow nose maximizes a ?loose? feeling both on bottom turns and off-the-tops.
Full-width squash tails are linked to a relatively rounded outline around the front fin area, allowing these shapes to create speed and a secure bite when pushing the limits, which is also aided by the thin rail profile.
These boards are shaped to push the boundaries of your performance and will allow you to ride sections of the wave that you considered off limits until today.

9.1x 291/4x41/2 276.5x74x11.5
Volume  133
Fins 3 x M Size smoke polyester future base
Weight (kg) 9.6 ±5%
All the boards are equipped with thruster future fin boxes set up with our RRD Pro model fins in size L.
The all new EVA deck pad comes with a new diamond groove design finished with a unique super-thin straight line texture that increases the grip and maximizes comfort while standing up for long sessions.
It is divided into four pieces with a 3cm high tail kick pad to secure your tail end foot pressure and never slide
EPS/ GLASS ? wood veneer sandwich deck and bottom with PVC deck on standing area. The Classic technology, combines the strength, durability and fine detailed finishing level of our too level SUP boards.
A full deck and bottom layer of wood veneer and a PVC standing area reinforcement secures these boards a longer lifetime and keep the great performance level these shapes are able to provide.

Hersteller: RRD - RobertoRicciDesign
SUP-Boards: feste SUP Wave