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Reedin DreamStick V2 Bar 2021

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Reedin DreamStick V2 Bar 2021

sizes 43-49cm - 22+2m=24m lines

Targets kiters looking for the lightest control system, with lines that won’t stretch, the simplest Quick Release and Auto-swiveling technology.

Our quest for perfection didn’t end with the design of the original DreamStick, further testing anddreaming of perfection have pushed us to design this new DreamStick to create what we believe is again the best control system ever.After introducing the groundbreaking auto-swiveling concept last season, we are now proud to have pushed it to an even more functional and streamlined solution.Keeping all the great feature that have now made the DreamStick a reference on the market, likethe our Quick Release System that simply clicks for reload,the skinny (21mm) diameter bar with offset finger ergonomics, thesuper light bar length adjustment system allowing you to quickly change your bar length from 43 to 49cm while ensuring that the bar has minimal inertia when you spin it, the sleeved flagging and depower line guarantying full wear protection of these two lines for maximum lifespan. Our exclusive Cousin MEL flying lines pre-stretched with our unique technique and mounted using our unique locked splices that have virtually no stretch, while being easy to unfold and untangle.
Every detail has been meticulously designed to provide the lightest control system on the market. We spent countless hours with our manufacturing team to provide you with the most streamlined, functional, simple and best quality control system possible. The DreamStick is our true dream bar. Try it once you won’t be able to ride another bar ever again!


-Auto swivel technology with ceramic ball bearing
-Click-in quick release
-PU covered Trim line and Flagging line
-Skinny diameter bar at 21mm with offset finger ergonomics-Textured grip and fingers ergonomic shape
-Adjustable Bar width 43-49cm
-Cousin MEL flying lines 22+2m, with “locked splices” construction.
-Back line length adjustment hidden inside floaters.
-Aviation grade aluminum CNC center piece for lightest weightand durability
-Lightest complete control system to date.
-Short leash for maximum efficiency.
-ISO norm approved

What’s new:

New and improved center piece with modified shape and new hard anodizing for better auto-swiveling
New bar end floater with more room to roll lines and improved folding
New rope bar Chicken loop available as spare part.
New darker grip with more red on left side.
New foldable lines set up to ride 12m lines for foil sessions or to send the meanest kite loops ever


Jahr: 2021
Hersteller: Reedin



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