Ride Engine Apoc 4/3/2 hooded FZ

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Ride Engine Apoc 4/3/2 hooded FZ


Enjoy longer, warmer and more sessions with Ride Engine?s, hooded fleece-lined, front zip 4/3/2 Apoc. This cool water wetsuit, 48° - 55° F (9° - 13° C), has been created with a meticulous attention to detail, using superior limestone-based SmartStretch neoprene, heat-retaining poly fleece lining, Aqua Seal seams, chest and back windskin and strategic stitching technology.  Don?t take chances with such a critical piece of equipment; with this suit you?ll enter the water with the confidence of knowing you?re covered by the very best.

Ride Engine developed the Apoc series with close collaboration from athletes who know exactly what they want, and need, from their equipment. Ranging from our warmest suit, the fully-sealed, fleece-lined, Apoc 5/4/3, to our sealed 4/3 and 3/2 full suits and 2m shortys, the Apoc is a full-range front-zip lineup designed with the utmost attention to detail to keep users warm and comfortable as they pursue their water-bound passions. All suits in the Apoc series are front-zip and feature internal neck gaskets to reduce flushing; the 5/4 and 4/3 suits have internal poly-fleece lining for added warmth and water retention and all are made from limestone-based neoprene.


- Enjoy freedom of movement, less restriction with a better fitting suit

- NEW, Windskin chest and back panel

- Comfortable, flexible, durable SmartStretch limestone neoprene

- Superior temperature control with internal poly-fleece liner in critical areas

- Easy entry/exit, superior flush protection with front-zip access and pullover neck gasket

- Eliminate cold water ?shock? and seam leaking with flexible and durable Aqua Seal seams

- Wrist and Ankle gasket seals designed to hold out water and prevent roll-up.

- Our suits match your values: No petroleum, no toxic hydrophobic coatings, no regrets

Neopren: Herren
Hersteller: Ride Engine
Jahr: 2018