Ride Engine Elara 3/2 FZ

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Ride Engine Elara 3/2 FZ


For a spring suit so comfortable you?ll hardly know you?re wearing it, choose the Elara 3/2. This is the ideal choice for the shoulder season, when water temperatures are cold enough, 60° - 65° F (16° - 18° C), to warrant full coverage but air temperatures are warm enough that a thicker, fleece-lined suit is overkill. You?ll enjoy longer sessions with less restriction and more energy thanks to the freedom of movement Ride Engine?s SmartStretch limestone-based neoprene, windskin front/back chest panels and strategic stitching layout provides.

The Elara series: Designed and built with superior warmth and comfort in mind, the women?s specific Elara series features all of the same high-end materials and construction as Ride Engine?s men?s suits, but with an attractive splash of color and style to set it apart. The Elara?s easy-entry design comes in  5/4/3 hooded, 4/3 and 3/2, with all thickest at the core and tapered at the extremities to balance warmth and flexibility where they are needed most.

All versions feature an interior liner of plush Poly Fleece to help retain body heat and minimize water absorption. The 5/4/3 and 4/3 are extensively lined with this material, in the front and back core and the entire midsection, while the 3/2 is lined exclusively in the front chest panel for core warmth.


- Enjoy freedom of movement, less restriction with a better fitting suit 

- More comfortable, more flexible, more durable SmartStretch limestone neoprene 

- NEW, Windskin chest and back panels

- Superior temperature control with internal poly-fleece liner in critical areas 

- Eliminate cold water ?shock? and seam leaking with flexible and durable Aqua Seal seams

- Wrist and Ankle gasket seals designed to hold out water and prevent roll-up. 

- Don?t be held back; express yourself fully with increased range of motion thanks to strategic stitching layout 

- Our suits match your values: No petroleum, no toxic hydrophobic coatings, no regrets

Neopren: Damen
Hersteller: Ride Engine
Jahr: 2018