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Ride Engine Futura SUP Foil 2021

499,00 €
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Ride Engine Futura SUP Foil 2021

Purchase size:
+ 61 centimeter mast
+ Manta 84 front wing, 48 rear wing, washers
+ Carrying bag
+ mast base
+ fuselage
+ complete set of screws


+ Wing profile for surfing
+ precision finish eliminates vibration and howling
+ discover new waves thought unsurfable
+ Aluminum mast
+ Four-hole mast base guarantees high compatibility


The Futura Foil is based on Slingshot's successful "Hover Glide" foil. It produces medium-high lift, doesn't get too fast and is perfect for paddling waist-high waves.


The Futura Foil excels in "down the line" surf as well as in turns and weak waves with no contours or chop. With its flat wings that generate medium-high lift and stabilizing winglets on the front and rear wings, the Futura is designed for early take-offs and medium-high speeds. In flight, it responds quickly and intuitively to any weight shift.

The mast length of 61 centimeters is ideal for surfing. On the one hand, it provides enough leverage to harness the full energy of the wave and carve radical turns. At the same time, the mast is short enough to reduce the consequences of falls and avoid groundings.

Brands: Ride Engine
Year: 2021