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S2Maui Dragon 2020

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S2Maui Dargon 2020


The Dragon is the ultimate high performance, progressive wavesail built entirely in premium Technora? Spacelight? for an ultralight and smooth feeling without equal. Combining incredible maneuverability and light, responsive handling with excellent power and wind range, the Dragon will draw the most radical lines at Ho?okipa, while also dominating a wave competition during a North Sea storm. Achieving agility and power from it?s perfectly balanced lower aspect ratio, the Dragon helps you execute the most demanding wave moves in down-the-line and onshore conditions alike, transitioning flawlessly from hard driving bottom turns to neutral off-the-top. Combining the power of traditional sails .2 square meters larger with reduced rotational inertia due to the low aspect ratio and super lightweight, the Dragon has a breathtaking maneuverability advantage that has to be experienced.

Riders about the Dragon:

Camille Juban: ?I love the Dragon because I know that I can use it in any type of condition from Ho?okipa to Pozo and the sail will work perfect and make it easy to enjoy the session and perform in competition.?

Sarah Hauser: ?My whole life I thought that to get more speed you?d have to give up on some control. For me the Dragon has completely destroyed the idea that there should be any compromise. The sail allows me to go so fast even in the most challenging winds and waters (like in front of the Ho?okipa rocks or the inside of Cloudbreak), yet I feel like everything is in control, light and effortless. It?s as if the sail knows what to do better than me!?

Artur Szpunar:
The 2020 Dragon luff curves and twist profiles have been optimized on a size specific basis for consistently excellent character throughout the range making sure that 3.8 in a storm feels as smooth as 4.6 in Trade winds. The new ?Bright Molten Red? Technora? SpacelightTM in 2 different thickness is precisely aligned together with the new ?Intense Blue Metallic? Technora? Spacelight? and Kevlar load strips giving the ultimate in extreme strength and amazing sail weights 15-20% lighter than the competition.

Sail Size Mast (cm) IMCS Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Downhoul Head Battens
Dragon 3,0 340 15 336 134 5 9 4
Dragon 3,4 340 15 341 141 5 4 4
Dragon 3,8 340/370 15/17 348 147 9/5 1/27 4
Dragon 4,2 340/370 15/17 364 155 25/5 1/11 4
Dragon 4,6 370 17 383 162 13 Fixed 4
Dragon 4,9 370 17 394 167 24 Fixed 4
Dragon 5,2 400 19 409 171 9 Fixed 4
Dragon 5,6 400 19 415 178 15 Fixed 4

Shape: Wave
Hersteller: S2Maui
Jahr: 2020


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