Shinn Capri GT

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Shinn Capri GT

Allow us to introduce the Shinn Capri GT, different for sure and part of a world without compromise!
Inspired yet unashamed of its past, forward thinking and most certainly all forward riding.
Have fun in the sun, refresh your old school tricks, refine some new school ones, ride fast, carve hard, cut deep
and fly! Advanced flex control for the smoothest ride imaginable, deep section memory foam pads for luxurious
foot comfort, custom shaped fins for maximum grip and drive.
The Shinn Capri GT is about serious amounts of fun, big air busting and full rail carving.
one size fits all 140 x 41

All Shinn kiteboards comes complete incl.the shinn s pads, straps and fins.

Hersteller: Shinn
Boardkategorie: Directionals
Jahr: 2012 2013