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Slingshot DwarfCraft Micro 2020

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Slingshot Dwarf Craft Micro 3,6 2020


A thinner version of the standard Dwarf Craft 3?6?, the Mirco is the lightest, most agile and most direct feeling kite foil board in our lineup. While not specifically for advanced riders, it?s best suited for people who have their footwork and transitions fairly well dialed first.



When you?re up and riding, the end of this stubby little board is just past your front foot, giving you the dreamy sensation of gliding over the water on a magic carpet. The shorter length also gives you more leverage and control for pumping, carving and the playful heel-toe freeriding that most foilers gravitate toward. It?s also a no-brainer for traveling.

Hersteller: Slingshot
Boardkategorie: Foil
Jahr: 2020


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