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Slingshot RPM V12 2020


It is the epitome of specific performance for freestylers and wakestylers, coupled with powerful freeride genes. In its twelfth generation, the RPM embodies the measure of all things when it comes to the extra portion of power for radical loops, jumps at record heights, or simply brute lateral movement for loaded tricks. Undoubtedly, the RPM can also score with strong freeride characteristics, but leaves no doubt about its primary intention. This is a performance athlete for demanding kiters. Guaranteed not for wimps!

In the twelfth generation, the use of the new 4×4 Canopy Tech is particularly noteworthy. This cloth material is characterized by four ripstop threads running crosswise and four running lengthwise. The RPM is therefore not only more resistant to damage, but also has a more stable profile and an extended performance life.

The legendary three-strut structure with its characteristic wide tips, which has made the RPM so successful, has been retained. The FlyLine weighing system introduced last year is also back on board. In combination with the modified Open-C-Shape, it ensures an even higher turning speed, but is also largely responsible for the increases in lift and hangtime. The direct feel, the differentiated feedback at the bar and the unique precision of the twelfth RPM will knock your socks off and help you reach your learning goals faster than you thought.


  • Modified open C shape - The twelfth generation RPM slightly reduced to give it a more pronounced and deeper C shape.
  • Surf tough construction - Reinforced seams, a strategically engineered panel layout, additional reinforcements in potential stress zones and of course the extra tough 4×4 Canopy Tech cloth material.
  • Load shift - The revised configuration of the FlyLine bridle ensures absolutely dynamic control behavior.
  • One pump system - By connecting the front tube to the struts, the kite can be completely filled with air via one valve.
  • Multiple attachment points - Different attachment options on the kite allow fine trimming to the upcoming usage scenario, or individual preferences.

The colors differ from the one in the product image.

Brands: Slingshot
Kite Size: 7.0m
Type of Kite: FreestyleFreeride
Year: 2020

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