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Slingshot Raptor V.1 2020

If Go Big or Go Home is your motto, this is the kite to get you there. NEW to the Slingshot lineup for 2020, the RAPTOR is a hard-charging, high-flying, big air freestyle/freeride crossover designed for riders who want big-time boostability and high-performance versatility. Designed by Slingshot's own mad scientist, Tony Logosz, the RAPTOR features a five-strut, hybrid Open-C canopy and familiar Slingshot DNA that give it pro-level top-end performance without sacrificing the safety or user-friendly feel that appeals to a broad range of riders.
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Slingshot Raptor V.1 2020



If your mottos when kiting are something like: "Go Big or Go Home" or "No Guts no Glory", then the completely new developed Raptor V. 1 is the kite you have been missing in the Slingshot lineup until now. The Raptor V1 is a high performance freeride / big air kite in a class of its own. It features a 5-strut hybrid open C profile that will give you the boost power, hangtime and feedback you need at any time and in any wind speed, without sacrificing a single point of control or the already familiar and direct Slingshot feel. Due to its linear power development, the very good relaunch and upwind characteristics as well as a very pronounced sheet and go performance, it is also perfect for relaxed cruising, hooked in freestyle and even makes a lot of fun on the foilboard despite its biting jump performance. The wind range of each size turns out Slingshot typical as big as Rally and Co. The Hybrid C profile also allows moderate unhooked tricks in contrast to the already more than known Rally.


What technical features can I find on the RAPTOR V.1?
Slingshot has stood for leading innovations in the kite industry for 20 years now. So it's no surprise that millionfold copied and patented developments such as the One Pump System or the Split Strut Technology have sprung from the pen of our chief designer Tony Logosz.

In our 2020 kite range we use only the best of the best as canopy material. All new canopies are hand sewn from the most advanced Teijin 4×4 Ripstop material. With the 4×4 cloth, a total of 8 ripstop threads ensure that no one can harm your kite so quickly. Your kite will last longer, command a higher resale price, and feel more solid and stable in the air, especially in gusty conditions.

Five struts give the Raptor V.1 profile superior flight and profile stability. As a result, it will always be solid in the sky even with heavy riders or extremely gusty winds without the pressure point wandering or the glider acting bitchy at the bar. Thus, the Raptor can always deliver its full performance potential to the rider.

New to our 2020 kite lineup is the "Segmented Wingtip Design" which uses cloth segments with different diameters for the tips on the front tube of the kite. Together these individual segments form a more efficient and elaborate wing tip shape resulting in greater structural stability, faster feedback at the bar and improved relaunch.

No Pulleys, No Problems ! The Raptor was designed for a "direct connect" bridle without pulleys. This gives the kite its incomparable and direct bar feeling without negatively affecting the maximum wind range, the high turning speed or the excellent upwind characteristics.

Various attachment options on the kite allow the Raptor to be precisely tuned to your own preferences and prevailing wind conditions in terms of power and performance. Even small changes in trim can have a big impact on the performance of your kite. This makes the "Multiple Attachment Points" an indispensable tool for you if you want to fly the perfect setup in all conditions.

Reinforced seams, a strategically placed panel layout in stressed areas, additionally placed patches and of course the almost indestructible Teijin 4×4 ripstop cloth material reduce the chance of your glider suffering catastrophic damage in a crash or wash.

A Slingshot patented invention that is used industry wide. With split strut technology, the fabric and struts are directly connected to each other. Instead of simply sewing the two on top of each other as in cheaper constructions. This unique connection in turn results in a stiffer, much more profile stable and robust canopy.

Another Slingshot patented innovation that is now used globally and by almost every kite manufacturer. Maybe some still remember the old days and what a nerve-racking story it was to pump up first the front tube and then each strut individually...

We at Slingshot are proud of our history and our reputation. For 20 years we have been building the most durable kites on the market. We do this by using Kevlar patches, Dacron reinforced trailing edge material, reinforced front tube seams, Diamond reinforcements on the tear-off edge, Teijin 4×4 cloth and wash-proof Surf Tough Seams.


The Raptor V.1 is the right kite for you if:
You are looking for a perfectly tuned 5 strut high performance/big air all-rounder. Your new kite should not only catapult you to unimagined heights but also set you down gently again. If you enjoy hooked tricks. If you like to go foiling in low wind conditions but are not willing to buy a foil kite for that purpose, or if you plan to go for a ride in the waves with the smaller sizes from time to time. Even if you just started kiting and want to buy something reasonable instead of something cheap, the Raptor is the right choice and a kite that will never overwhelm you. Once Raptor, always Raptor.


What is included in the delivery of the RAPTOR V.1?
The kite is delivered together with probably the best and most spacious kite backpack on the market today, as well as a repair kit. The backpack has separate compartments for the bar and your pump, so your kite always stays dry and free of sand. In addition, it has enough space to accommodate 2 kites of your range.

Brands: Slingshot
Kite Size: 6.0m8.0m9.0m12.0m
Type of Kite: FreestyleFreeride
Year: 2020