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Slingshot Size Guide

Slingshot UFO V.1

Size (m²) 3 5 7 9


Are you ready for a foil performance that seems as if it could only be realized with extraterrestrial technology? This kite will take you to new galaxies of the foil universe and increase your riding fun to infinity. With no struts at all, the UFO V.1 is lighter, faster and more efficient than any other foil specialist on the market. This is exactly why it is the ultimate Unlimited Foiling Object.
With its Compact-Swept-C-Shape the UFO V.1 has an absolutely direct flight feeling as well as distinct comfort values, but at the same time an impressive wind range. The use of the proven IRS bridle allows immediate reactions to control commands and precise power handling. To make the kite as early as possible in the sky, we have not only configured it without struts, but with Teijin D1, the lightest ripstop material available on the market is used, making the UFO V.1 a true flyweight. The slightest hint of a breeze is enough for this kite to be stable at the zenith. Compromises with large and less agile gliders are a thing of the past. With the UFO V.1 you get the perfect partner for your foil sessions.


The growing foil trend has made the demand for light and agile kites go through the roof. A strong low-end plays a big role for foilers as well as tight, fast turns, a differentiated bar feedback and an optimally working depower management - enriched by distinct drift characteristics. These are precisely the performance characteristics that the UFO V.1 delivers at the highest level. Compared to the Ghost, it is even earlier in the sky and has more reactive control and a higher flight speed due to the slightly more stretched Compact Swept C shape.


The UFO V.1 has an enormously large wind range that sets new standards, especially at the low end. The table is intended to give some indication of this. Rider weight, riding ability and board or foil size are of course decisive factors that should not be ignored.
Size (m²) 3 5 7 9
Wind (kn) 15 - 42 12 - 38 09 - 29 06 - 20
Bar (in) 17? / 20? 17? / 20? 17? / 20? 17? / 20?

Brands: Slingshot
Kite Size: 3.0m5.0m7.0m
Type of Kite: FreerideFoil
Year: 20202021

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