Slingshot Widowmaker 2016

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Slingshot Widowmaker 2016

The Widow Maker is the paradigm of Slingshot innovation and forward thinking, and with a philosophy of constantly pushing the envelope, we have integrated
even more upgrades and high-tech features to make
the 2016 Widow Maker one of the lightest and most technologically advanced boards on the market.
Simply put, this is one extraordinary piece of equipment. If cutting edge technology and impeccable attention to detail is what you?re looking for, look no farther.
Offered in 136 and 140 lengths, the Widow Maker is constructed with a precision mix of wood, carbon, foam and urethane, called Hybrid Air Flex Core

For 2016, we have enhanced the board?s carbon layup, integrating a special Vectran woven carbon fiber weave that adds stability and
torsional strength in critical stress areas and allows us to further reduce the board?s overall weight. We?ve also added an extra
top and base layer for extra protection and durability.
These technical upgrades accompany the Widow Maker?s already futuristic design that includes integrated Vortex NACA channeling
in the tip and tail that propel water across the board and give it incredible speed and tracking capabilities.
Other technical features include a progressive three-stage rocker, Fusion Sidewalls, updated carbon weave technology and integrated Fastrack mounting system.


? Progressive 3 Stage Rocker
? Vortex Naca Channels
? Hybrid Air Flex Core
? Slingshot Fusion Sidewall
? Fastrack
? Future Response Technology
? Built using Resin X
? Twin-Tip Grab Handle
? Legendary Slingshot Construction

Hersteller: Slingshot
Boardkategorie: Twintips
Jahr: 2016