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Solo Strap Kite Launcher

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Solo Strap Kite Launcher

´Hands Solo' - quick launch

The ?Hands Solo? is the go-to kite strap for the session killer who likes to be the first onto, and off, the water. It?s super light too (165g) so won?t break your luggage allowance. Simply loop it, clip it, and you?re away. Always use a friend though if they are on the beach with you.
It?s just more social.

'Only One' - ultimate tethering

The ?Only One? solo kite strap is for people who want the option to tether their kite for a while and take a rest. The added safety release clip only adds 42g and makes this an excellent option for kite schools, boat safaris & competition areas. Have several kites tethered, ready & waiting for a gear change.

Downwinder Safety

You can also use the kite strap as a tow rope to help a fellow kiter in need. Connect it to your board when performing an emergency deep water pack-down. This will leave your safety leash available to protect you in the way it was designed.

?Hands Solo?

The original ?Hands Solo? kite self-launching strap has all the safety features of our beach anchors. It comes with the quick-connect carabiner on the one end, bungee section and large loop at the other. It also has the stainless steel ring should you later want to add the additional ?Leia? safety leash. Recommended for quick self-launching and self-landing. The kite buddy in your kite bag.

Weight: 165g

Warranty: Pretty simple really, you break it launching or landing your kite and we?ll replace it free of charge.


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