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Soöruz Kite Vest Open 2020

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Soöruz Kite Vest Open 2020

The Kitevest OPEN is madewith a high-density foam without PVC and our limestone neoprene G3-Flex. It is certified by the CE. This wakevest has a ?bulletproof system? foam repartition to bring you a great flexibility and protection. It answers perfecly to our riders expectation.

G3- SUPERFLEX Limestone Neoprene
The best value for money of the market is today available in limestone. Efficient in all conditions.

An ultra-flex protection
The Wakevest flexibility is real advantage for your session as it brings you comfort and a great freedom of movement at the same time that it protect you thanks to the foams repartition.

Water based glue
Water based glue without toxic substance. Used fot the three tickness? lamination of our neoprene.

Strong elaboration
Heavy Duty construction to resist at any lavel of wake session

Foam without PVC which is an environmentally harmful plastic.

Hersteller: Soöruz
Jahr: 2020


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