Starboard SUP Tiki 8.5*28 2009

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Starboard SUP

8'5" x 28" The Tiki AST Classic

Volume: 126L

Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer have developed a board shape to suit their style and body size. The 8'5" x 28" is designed for riders looking for a quick learning curve. It?s front section provides stability for paddling through the waves and the more stinger aft section offers acceleration , speed and rail to rail response. Despite its short length, it glides well on flat waters for light riders. It?s tri fin set up provides plenty of directional stability to enjoy gliding down the rivers and over the lakes anywhere any time. It also rips behind a boat or on the Cable park.

SUP-Boards: feste SUP
Hersteller: Starboard
Jahr: 2009