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Starboard Ultrakode Carbon Flex 2021

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Starboard Size Guide

The dream wave board by the Dream Wave Team

The Magic Waveboard returns with five all-new shapes. Thruster, quad or twin, they are the ultra-versatile wave boards designed and validated by the Dream Wave Team on the PWA tour. Five lightweight Starboxes weigh the same as three regular fin boxes, so versatility doesn’t come at a price. The pro-model of PWA Champion and Red Bull Storm Chase Winner Jaeger Stone.


65 / 72 / 78 / 82: The four smallest sizes are designed by Mark and Jaeger Stone. The new 78 comes with thinner rails in the tail, slightly more tail kick, an increased overall thickness of 5 mm and 1cm more width to make it more versatile and cover more range. The Ultrakode 82 has a more compact length with a shorter tail and more thickness. The overall result is more control, more maneuverability when riding waves in light winds and a wider range.

86 / 93 / 100: The largest sizes are designed by Albert Pijoan. Length has been reduced from 226 to 218 cm on the Ultrakode 93 to give more control in high winds. This gives the option of using a larger board in high winds to make sure you always have volume to spare. The new shapes are 1 cm thicker with extra volume concentrated on the center line of the board to improve lightwind sailing. On the other hand, the rails are thinner to improve control and wave riding performance. 8mm more tail kick, a more constant curve from the tail to 100 cm improve carving maneuverability and a moderate V on the center section keeps the board fast for onshore conditions
Modell: Ultrakode 78 Ultrakode 82 Ultrakode 86 Ultrakode 93 Ultrakode 100
Länge: 222cm 217cm 218cm 218cm 218cm
Breite: 56cm 58cm 60cm 61cm 63cm
Tail Breite: 36,3cm 38,6cm 40cm 42,3cm 43,8cm
Dicke: 11,3cm 11,3cm 11,4cm 12,5cm 12,6cm
Finnen: 2x Drake Stone Surf 11 + Drake Stone Surf 18 2x Drake Stone Surf 11 + Drake Stone Surf 18 2x Drake Stone Surf 11 + Drake Stone Surf 19 2x Drake Stone Surf 11 + Drake Stone Surf 19 2x Drake Stone Surf 11 + Drake Stone Surf 19
Gewicht Carbon Reflex Sandwich: 6,14kg 6,40kg 6,50kg 6,83kg 6,9kg
Gewicht Wood Sandwich: 6,68kg 6,95kg 7,00kg 7,30kg 7,42kg

Marque: Starboard
Windsurfboard - Shape: Wave
Windsurfboard Size: 71-80 L81-90 L91-100 L
Year: 2021