Starboard Windsup 12.6 2013

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Starboard's WindSUP Inflatables - reinventing the inflatable concept for windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding.

Available in four sizes, you can choose between the centre fin version and the daggerboard version. The Daggerboard version is available in Silver or bright Orange.

The WindSUP Inflatables are toolless: using Starboard's proprietary FAST box and Clipperbox systems, you simply inflate the boards halfway, insert the boxes into place and pump the boards to the full pressure of 17psi. The FAST box fits US box fins and regular windsurfing mast bases.

These boards are seriously fun toys for the windsurfing/paddleboarding family, for schools and for clubs. They glide nicely, they're safe because you can?t bump your head against them and they can be treated with minimal care. Drop them on the ground and they simply bounce.

For boat owners, this is the hassle-free board to have onboard. They won't damage your boat and deflated, they roll up into a compact bag.

Design and Performance

Starboard's WindSUP Inflatables are built in super tough and durable 6" drop-stitched fabric and covered in a full EVA deck. The 6" thick drop-stitched fabric gives the boards a lot of stiffness, making them feel rigid and firm under your feet. Windsurfing on these boards feels more comfortable and fun than any hard board.

Starboard's proprietary FAST box is used as both the fin box and the mast box. It fits in the board without any tools.

The daggerboard system uses the Clipperbox system, a durable and bulletproof design that uses clips to hold the daggerboard up or down.

- The Deluxe inflatable offering.
- Extra tall high aspect pressure single action pump (14 -18 PSI)
- Large, comfortable heavy duty back pack with extra room for gear storage.
- Astro box center and side fin box system.
- Foiled middle and side fins.
- Super strong reinforced 4" to 6" PVC drop-stitch material.
- Triple rail band stringers for extra stiffness.
- Full deck EVA.
- Soft handle cover for comfortable board carrying
- 4 D-rings on the nose for gearstorage.
- Leash attachment point.
- Repair kit.

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Hersteller: Starboard
SUP-Boards: aufblasbare SUP
Jahr: 2013