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Surfbent Protector 2.0

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Surfbent - The protector

In the event of an uncontrolled fall of the rig or in extreme situations such as a tumble, the rig first hits the protector. With this contact, the energy generated is broken down by deforming the power joint (elastomer material). This can better protect the entire board.

2-pin systems

Prepared for mounting with 1-pole and 2-pole mast feet.

Deck protection pad

The protective cover pad (silicone rubber) protects the sensitive cover surface between the WBP and the surfboard.

340 grams

Optimized, geometric construction and simulation of the design structure saved material, reduced weight and at the same time achieved the required strength and function.

Compatible with mast feet up to D = 122mm

All common mast feet up to 122mm in diameter can be mounted through the generously dimensioned mounting surface of the protector.

central weight distribution

The mass of the protector is close to the center of gravity of the board compared to other solutions and therefore has little effect on the balance and performance.

cool, subtle design

An eye-catcher thanks to the harmoniously chosen shape combined with an unusual color choice give your board that certain something.

Installation on all common boards

On the mast base, the friction disc is replaced by the protector and installed as usual.

Suitable for freestyle

Freestyle maneuvers are not affected by interference contours caused by geometry.

Unrestricted trim

Adjustment range of the mast rail remains unchanged.

Assistance with water start

The water start is made easier by the shape of the protector and the resulting lift-up effect (lifting the sail towards the starting position).

Simplified handling

Handling in the water is hardly affected by the flowing shape.