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Tabou 3S+ LTD 2021

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Tabou 3S+ LTD 2021


No matter where you hit the water, the 3S+ will make you enjoy each discipline in windsurfing without compromising performance. A combination of a modern tail and a more classic nose form the perfect mixture of early planing, speed control and manoeuvrability together with the medium high entry rocker. Thin rails in the tail section allow you to initiate turns and jibes easily, which make the 3S+ a great choice for freeriding in strong winds and waveriding in onshore conditions and smaller waves. You definitely won’t miss acceleration thanks to the winger tail outline.

+ Modern tail and more classic nose for forgiveness and curves with a tight radius
+ Great acceleration due to the winger tail
+ V double concave adds smooth grip in curves and while planing
+ Dome deck under the back foot for extra comfort
+ Multiple strap inserts for either 3 or 4 strap setup
+ Thin rail at the back makes initiating turns easier than ever

LTD Construction

Model 3S+ 86 TEAM/LTD 3S+ 96 TEAM/LTD 3S+ 106 TEAM/LTD 3S+ 116 TEAM/LTD
Volume 86 l 96 l 106 l 116 l
Length 227 cm 229 cm 230 cm 232 cm
Width 59.5 cm 61 cm 64.5 cm 66 cm
Weight(*) 6.6/6.8 kg 7.0/7.2 kg 7.3/7.9 kg 7.9/8.1 kg
Box Powerbox + Slotbox Powerbox + Slotbox Powerbox + Slotbox Powerbox + Slotbox
Fin MFC TF FW 19 + 2x MFC TF 11 MFC TF FW 20 + 2x MFC TF 11 MFC TF FW 23 + 2x MFC TF 12 MFC TF FW 25 + 2x MFC TF 12
Sail Range 3.7 – 6.1 m² 4.2 – 6.6 m² 4.5 – 7.0 m² 4.7 – 7.4 m²

Hersteller: Tabou
Windsurfboard Größe: 81-90 L 91-100 L 111-120 L
Windsurfboard - Shape: Wave Freeride FreeStyleWave
Jahr: 2021



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